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This is the site of the Social History of Learning Disability Research Group, based at the Open University. The group was founded in 1994 and has since undertaken a number of institutional, community and personal histories in learning disability. The SHLD group has also pioneered inclusive approaches to gather narratives from people with learning disabilities, including people with high support needs. The website provides details of research projects, a detailed publications list and information about our inclusive conferences.

The analyses on this site combine seventeenth- and eighteenth-century British literary studies with disability studies in the Humanities. The period of 1660 to 1780 is best understood as transitional, a time when the way in which intellectual or bodily anomaly were perceived was shifting from operating as outward sign of inner vice or as divine warning to serving instead as an indicator of scientific pathology.

This site deals with historical research into the politics of passion, the experience of emotion, and theories of feeling past and present. The materials are sometimes adjacent or relevant to the history of the intellect and its perceived deficiencies. 


This site describes the Langdon Down Museum of Learning Disability at Normansfield in Teddington, the institution developed by the Victorian physician Dr John Langdon Down. It contains an archive on the history of Normansfield.






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